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    [...] “Fed grants awarded to begin addressing bullying and safe schools,” coverage of some moves the federal government is making to address the problem, based on my interview with Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools and founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). [...]

  2. caren fitzpatrick

    i would like to recieve information on how to apply for a grant . my company does bully proof programs that have been proven both effective and affective in grades k-12. i have been very effective working with at risk students on many different and difficult levels ~ i have letters of recommendation that can best describe how my programs have worked ~ please contact me as soon as possible , so that together we can make a difference in saving the lives of our youth and adults ~ who truly have been wounded by words ~ the commercial words wound is by far one of the best ways to show that words will always hurt someones soul and can destroy one’s spirit and zest for life ~ sincerely , caren fitzpatrick

  3. Alyson Ruggiero-Grippo

    I would love to have more information on how to apply for a grant for implemeting an anti-bulling program in our high school.

  4. caren fitzpatrick

    i have requested information on how to obtain a grant and as to this date jan 222010 i have recieved ant inbformation ~ so far there have beeb 7 sucides in my town due due the cruelty that children and adults think nothing of by destroying ones life and there families ~ please let this be for real and not another lets walk the walk or talk the talk when a crisis hits and that it is for gotten about ~ i am sure research has proven the point tht many young people miss school because of this devasting situation ~ looking foward to hearing from you asap ~ for the longer we wait the more lives we will lose ~ answer me this question~ are you willing to lose a life of someone that you love~ i think we all know the answer to this question ~ yet it happens ever day ~sincerely~ caren fitzpatrick ~ time is of the absolute essense

  5. Patrice Minton

    Hi, I am on the board of the youth foundation in my town, Andover, MA and would like info on how to apply for a bullying and safe schools grant. Thanks

  6. Pedro Bennett

    I am an educator and I have elected to step away from the classroom to assist educators who are struggling to maintain their sanity in the classroom because of bullying and other extrinsic issues. With that being said, I am interested in more information about the disposition of the bullying summit as well as information about the protocol of submitting a bullying and safe schools grant.

  7. Carolyn Davis

    I would like to receive information on applying for this grant.

  8. Bruno Associates Inc

    I work for a grant writing firm. I would like to recieve information about anti bullying grants for 2011.

  9. William Robinson

    I am a Director of a youth program in Jacksonville Florida.I would like to know more about how to apply for a grant to implemeting an anti-bulling program in my school district

  10. Clarissa Moramarco

    Please send me information on how to apply for the grant to implement anti-bullying programs in my community. Thank You, Clarissa Moramarco, San Diego, CA

  11. Ruth Sazama

    The YWCA has been presenting Bullying is Never Cool programs for the fifth and third graders in central Wi for over seven years. We have reached thousands of children with the message of how to stand up for yourself and others, and we need funding to continue this important work.

  12. Marcy Mulford

    I have a book that was accepted for publishing later this year. As an educator I always look for literature to introduce content matter to children and my book uses a friendly character as a tool for educators/parents to address the issues of bullying. The book is currently in the illustration stage and due for circulation later this year. I would love the opportunity to have the funding to promote this type of literature that will help students feel comfortable discussing such an important issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  13. Katie Ward

    I would like information on grants available to start programs to stop bullying. Our local school has a terrible bullying problem and has for decades. We are ready.
    Please send info.

  14. Patricia Phillips

    I would like to receive information about the grants being awarded concerning bullying and safe schools. I am a teacher and a family/domestic violence mediator (Rule 31 Tennessee). It has been my wish for a very long time to introduce mediation (not peer mediation) into the schools. I personally have been able to use my skills as a mediator to help solve misconceptions and to create an atmosphere of understanding within my school. I also sponsor a club called SPECTRUM which basically follows the Gay Straight Alliance “by-laws”. This club was started by two students. who have different preferences yet are very close friends. It has been a very successful club.

  15. Debra Reinertson

    I am completing a character education program focused on teaching students how to peacefully resolve conflicts and effectively intervene with and prevent bullying involving student leadership teams and school-wide commitment. I would appreciate more information on grants that can help fund schools to implement this program beginning in the 2011/2012 school year. Thank you for the article and information! My email is
    Debra Reinertson

  16. Kim Hancock

    I would also like some information on how to apply for a grant on anti-bullying.I was a Community Center Supervisor in Cheaspeake Virginia for many years. I moved back home to Boston 6 years ago and would really like to do something within the school ststems to prevent bullying. I grew up in East Boston and experienced many things when I came out at 17 but nothing like the torment that goes on today. We need to gather as much information as possible to create a formidable solution for the hate being taught to the next generation of leaders.Please send me as much information as possible. In the mean time I will create my own online survey and try to figure out the best way to get it out there.
    Thank you so much for all your efforts in changing the way people see eachother.I commend you.

  17. Rose Hoey

    I would like information about obtaining grant money for training or programs on anti-bullying for our elementary schools. I am the school psychologist and would be interested in any information you can provide to me. Thank you

  18. Troy Lopes

    Has anyone received any information regarding instructions on how to apply for the grant monies that are said to be available? I can’t find a link, information on how to apply, or an application anywhere.

  19. Matilda Williams

    We are currently attacking Bullying by offering free workshops to schools, businesses and parents. However, we are interested to find out how to apply for grants for Bullying so we can reach more students, schools and communities. If you can give us the government site to apply for grants for non-profits and private businesses. We have found through our indepth surveys and contacts one-on-one that Bullying and Administrative approach to it are not on the same page. Education, coaching and training is needed in the schools, homes and businesses. Knowledge is power. So please direct us in what we should do to receive funding to help us help others.

  20. Ryan Foland

    I see many requests for information, but has anyone gotten more information? I have done much research online and through other sources, and found one resource to be the best, as it is very close the the source. It can be found online and is close to 6,000 pages! It is a lot of information, yes, but helpful. Just thought I would share. I am in the process of implementing Andi-Bully workshops in the Southern California area, and I too would like to have any specific information about how to apply for grant money to help promote my efforts and eventually push programs into schools. Thanks

  21. CONTACT Ministries 211

    We would like more information on grants and training as we have started receiving calls from students being home schooled as well as on spring break being bullied. They haven’t anyone to turn too, and we want to be prepared to help them every way possible! Thanks

  22. Kathie Franzoy

    Our high school would like to know how to apply for federal grants and training on bullying. Since the Bullying is now a federal mandate, our school district needs funds to implement these mandates. I would appreciate any information concerning these mandates.

    Kathie Franzoy

  23. Jackie Grabbert

    I am a retired teacher and administrator and recognize the need for more training programs for teachers to recognize and report bullying, for administrators to act on those reports, and for parents to know how to help thier children that are either being bullied or are bullies. Please send information on how I might apply for a grant to provide inservice programs for school districts in our state.


    Precisely how long did it require u to publish
    “Fed grants awarded to begin addressing bullying and safe schools | Keen News Service”?
    It contains loads of fine details. Thank you ,Bernd

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