One response to “Hearing Monday on release of Prop 8 videotapes”

  1. Jerry

    I just can’t understand why the Prop 8 Trial was not allowed to be shown during the trial and further why the video is not released to the general public. This was a public hearing and should be available for the public. This proposition is known worldwide and people want to see the process and experience the entire trial in order to understand exactly how the decision was made. Is this no longer a free country? Why do you suppose that the Supporters of Proposition 8 are so afraid of having the trial made available to the general public? Seriously…..the answer to that question is pretty simple. There are thousands of people having their lives put on hold while Prop 8 bounces around like a rubber ball. This is simply wrong on so many levels and at least they deserve to see and hear the proceedings which influence their lives and family. The polls show that marriage equality is quickly moving to full-on approval from the majority. How many more insults must these people endure before it is done! The California Supreme Court has already ruled that to deny marriage to same sex couples is unconstitutional. Stop jacking these folks around and SHOW THE TRIAL.

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