Bill seeks to repeal NH marriage equality

A seed of discontent has been sown: A subcommittee in the New Hampshire House passed a bill September 14 that will seek to repeal the marriage equality law enacted there in January 2010. While the bill does not seek to amend the state constitution and would not invalidate existing marriage licenses for same-sex couples, it would ban future such licenses and leave same-sex couples with the option of civil unions only.

The move has been anticipated since last November when Republicans won a veto-proof majority in both chambers of the state legislature and threatened to use that new power to repeal the law allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Republican leaders initially promised not to pursue a repeal bill, saying the state had many more serious issues before it, including the troubled economy. And in March, the House Judiciary Committee tabled a bill that sought repeal.

But opponents of same-sex marriage are pushing for action this year. The House Judiciary subcommittee approved the measure on a 3 to 1 vote September 14 and the full House Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the measure later this month.

According to the Nashua Telegraph newspaper, about 1,600 same-sex couples have obtained marriage licenses in New Hampshire.


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  1. Paul d. says:

    What a shame. Of all the far more pressing issues in this country to worry about, now lawmakers yet again want to use time and money to repeal rights voted on approved and passed. What a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars and a kick in the face to equality. Furthermore, these conservative clowns are only serving their own agenda not the public they serve. I cant help but shake my head at the ramblings of these so called leaders citing protection of family and religious viewpoints that are contradictory to protection of family and archaeic thinking and interpretation of alleged statements made thousands of years ago. What about protection of lgbt families? These fools will damn us all.

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