NH marriage equality faces repeal effort

New Hampshire Republicans are taking advantage of their supermajorities in the state house to push for repeal of the state’s marriage equality law.

It wasn’t easy passing a marriage equality bill in the New Hampshire legislature –it took two votes by the House to pass it with a seven-vote margin—and the Senate passed it with only a two-vote margin. That was two years ago and Democrats were in the majority then.

Now, Republicans hold a supermajority in both chambers and they’re pushing through a bill to repeal the law that allows same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses.  The House Judiciary Committee voted 11 to 6 on Tuesday (October 25) to recommend passage of the repeal measure, a bill that would also return New Hampshire to its previous status of allowing only civil unions for same-sex couples. There was a small silver lining: The committee rejected a bill that would have simply repealed the marriage equality bill and left nothing in its place.

Democratic Governor John Lynch has promised to veto the repeal measure should it pass, but Republicans –if they stick together—have far more than the two-thirds vote necessary to override a veto in both chambers.  A floor vote in either chamber is not likely to take place until early next year.

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