Miller-Jenkins defendant cooperating

A U.S. Attorney this month dropped a grand jury indictment against Timothy Miller, the man accused of helping ex-lesbian Lisa Miller sneak her daughter out of the country in defiance of court orders.

Timothy Miller –who is of no blood relation to Lisa Miller—was arraigned in federal court in Vermont last April, charged with international parental kidnapping.

Court documents indicate Timothy Miller, a missionary in Nicaraugua, is cooperating with an investigation into the whereabouts of Isabella Miller.

The one-page order, signed by U.S. District Court Judge Christina Reiss on October 28, states that the charges against Miller have been dismissed in light of Miller’s “agreement to cooperate” with an investigation by the U.S. and to testify “in any proceedings” on the matter. Reiss dismissed the charges “without prejudice,” meaning the government can charge Miller again, if he fails to cooperate as agreed.

Timothy Miller was arrested in April after an FBI investigation learned he helped Lisa Miller take her child to Mexico in September 2009 “with the intent to obstruct the lawful exercise of parental rights by Janet Jenkins,” her former civil union partner. The FBI statement said Timothy Miller provided assistance with Lisa Miller’s travel from the U.S. to Toronto and then to Mexico City, and provided shelter for her. The Millers then continued on to Managua, Nicaragua, later that month.

A warrant for Lisa Miller’s arrest was issued in April 2010.

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