2 responses to “NH House to vote today on repeal”

  1. ChuckGG

    What is it with these people? What great problem is it that SSM has created such that it needs to be repealed? I am bewildered why this crowd is so wound around the axle about this issue. There must be some reason. Really, they ought to focus on real issues and stop wasting everyone’s time on a problem that does not exist. That ship has sailed. Get over already!

  2. Mark Roddy

    Well as we all know civilization ended here in NH after some people some of us don’t like got married.

    The determination of the right to impose their morality on all of us is shocking. They have declared a war on women, are hell bent on stripping our gay friends and neighbors of their rights, and are out trying their best to make voting as difficult as possible, especially for people who might vote them out of office.

    Throw the bums out. Every last one of them.

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