Supreme Court watch: Eyes on Thursday

The U.S. Supreme Court did not issue a ruling Monday (June 10) in the two cases involving marriage for same-sex couples. The next date set for the release of decisions is Thursday, June 13, at 10 a.m. EDT.  To be among the first to know when the decisions come out, Supreme Court watchers have three options: be in the court when the opinions are released, keep refreshing the Supreme Court’s opinion web page (, or watch the live blogging at the independent

The court did issue three opinions Monday. That leaves 23 more to go until the court adjourns for the 2012-13 session. According to the court’s public information office, the last day of the session is not yet known, but many veteran observers expect it to be Monday, June 24, or soon thereafter.

Meanwhile, anticipation is building for those two decisions — Hollingsworth v. Perry (regarding Proposition 8) and U.S. v. Windsor (regarding the Defense of Marriage Act).

The San Francisco City Attorney’s Office is making sure journalists and other interested parties know that, even if the Supreme Court strikes down Proposition 8, marriage licenses probably won’t be issued to same-sex couples for at least a month. In a June 5 letter on its website, the office explained that there is about a 25-day period after the court’s issuance of an opinion when any party can ask for a rehearing of the case. Those are rarely granted, but the court’s judgment is not officially “entered” until that ritual is played out. Then, the Ninth Circuit has to execute its “mandate,” giving official notice of the Supreme Court’s ruling. And there could even be litigation over the scope of the ruling (California only or California and other states, for instance).

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